I’m debating with myself.

I can stay up all night and do the following:

  1. Finish reading chapter three of Colonial and Revolutionary America
  2. Finish discussion questions
  3. Finish reading chapter one of A History of the Modern World
  4. Start on Salem Witchcraft Trials paper
  5. Start reading notes on Antigone
  6. Take a shower
  7. Buy some coffee
  8. Have a panic attack
  9. Drive an hour to Spanish class
  10. Panic some more
  11. Buy more coffee
  12. Make it home okay

I think I can do it. It would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of these things anymore.

I just wanted to add that there is a reason I haven’t been working on any of my stories. It’s because I have other more important things to do. Not that anyone was wondering. I just thought I’d put that in there.